“It is not your fault that the world is what it is, it would only be your fault if it stays that way.” This is a phrase from a lyric by the popular German band “Die Ärzte”. Each year thousands of children graduate from high school and this year the state of Brandenburg, Germany decided to […]

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Imagine if Plácido Domingo, Roger Federer or J. K. Rowling would not have followed their call? What would we have missed? What would they have missed? What about you? Do you feel you are missing something? If yes, are you going to answer your second call? Because second calls do exist. Here is a nice […]

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It is winter, 7:30am. You ran out of coffee and you have to get on time to your lecture. The bus never arrived, so you have to walk 30 Minutes through the dark and freezing streets of your campus. You arrive just in time before the professor enters the classroom and curiously everybody look like they […]



Only if you are lucky, you are going to speak just at your wedding! But, chances are that in your life, you will have to speak a lot more! Wait as long as you want, but eventually you will need to speak and you better be prepared! That is something I would have loved to […]

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After finishing high school my youngest sister Ingrid bombarded me with questions: “I am afraid about the future!” “I don’t know what to do!” “What should I do?” “Basti, if you could travel in time what advice would you give to your younger self?” Honestly, I didn’t know the answers. Even though I finished high school […]

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